New Dinosaur of Canada

A candidate geologist stumbled a group of bone in north of British Columbia more than three decades then. He is insane that the bones possibly came from a new species. What is interesting, the identity of the dinosaur still mysterious now.

Gathering of bone collected covers seven jaws, arm, and feet bone, and fragment of skull. Based on form and bone measure, the paleontologist anticipates it is a dinosaur in small to medium size, possibly a pachycephalosaurus or ornithopoda. But this specimen only called as dinosaur Sustut because found in Sustut Basin in Middle-North of British Columbia, Canada.

Kenny Larsen found the fossil by 1971 when looking for thorium, of a kind element of radioactivity. When working in field, his instrument caught a level of certain radiation, which actually came from bone. Larsen then collected the separated bones, and donated to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at 2004.

The bones then studied by Victoria Arbour which soon realized that the goods were rareness finding. The bones is conserved carefully and is most dinosaur specimen complete which was found in the existing finite British Columbia.

Unfortunately, the Larsen’s note of field is lost, so that the researchers had difficulties to find the precise location of the fossil grave, and made the fossils were difficult to be known by the age. But based on stone patching at some fragment, Arbour and her partners anticipating the specimen’s age is around 70 million last year, precisely from the end of Cretaceous era.

Fragment of Bone identified that the fossils came from small dinosaur of biped herbivore. Some the bones were alike with pachycephalosaurus, which was running with two feet, and has dome-shaped skull. While some parts again looked like ornithopoda, eater of grass run with two feet and had horns snout.

There are some resemblances with two other dinosaur types though there are also arm bone which we have never seen before all, said Arbour. Possible Sustut Dinosaur was new species but we didn't know sure until other fossils are found.

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