Found British Battleship Carcass The year 1780

The divers under sea announces invention of battleship carcass HMS Ontario which submerged of the year 1780 after looking for during three years. Ship property of the British navy is found in area Great Lakes, frontier of AS and Canada.

Ship carcass is found [by] ship carcass hunter Jim Kennard and Dan Scoville in depth of 152 metre and can only be reached by experienced diver. They apply equipment pemindai unmanned mini sonar and submarine to look for the ship carcass.

Ship along the length of 24,4 metre and equiped [by] the submerged 22 cannons at an encounter of 31 Octobers 1780. 130 is estimated sink in it, each 60 British armies, 40 Canadian kru, and 30 prisoner of wars from America.

location of The existing ship carcass still be concealed. Only it is mentioned that ship carcass resides in near by coast part of south. Has not there are plan to lift the ship carcass and removes artifact brought by it.

possible HMS ONTARIO of eldest British battleship carcass which been found in North America water territory. Even, s(he is possible is ship carcass found in condition of intact.

" To find battleship applied in revolution in condition of impossible approximant intact," says Arthur Britton Smith, Canadian historian writing history of HMS Ontario in its(the book The Legend of the Lake the year 1997. He calls this finding as one of archaeology miracle.

How not, even hooking in water territory which race, the ship doesn't dusky of damage means. Scoville tells there are two windows that is is not destroyed at all. Cool sea-water with low light rate rate and oxygen possibly takes care of resilience of the ship carcass.

HMS ONTARIO known as one of notable battleship. But, the hunters has searched for the ship carcass during through years but always without result.

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